What Are the Best Private Schools in the US?

When it comes to private schools, the United States has some of the best in the world. From Florida to New York, Pennsylvania to Texas, there are a variety of options for parents and students looking for an excellent education. Collegiate School in Virginia is a prime example of a top-notch private school. This co-educational day school is committed to providing students with both academic and personal excellence.

Similarly, Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights, New York is a non-sectarian day school that challenges students to reach their full potential. In Philadelphia, Germantown Friends School is a co-educational day school that offers a rigorous academic program. Boston's Commonwealth School is another great option for those seeking a private day school with a prestigious reputation. North Shore Country Day School near Chicago is another college preparatory school that has been around since 1919.Riverdale Country School in the Bronx is one of the largest campuses in New York City and is a private co-educational school.

Nashville University School (USN) is another private co-educational day school located near Vanderbilt University. The Latino School of Chicago (known locally as Latin) is a college preparatory school located in the city's affluent Gold Coast neighborhood and offers students the opportunity to specialize in music, theater, or visual arts. John Burroughs School (known as Burroughs) is a private co-educational day school located on the west side of St. Louis. College Prep of Oakland is one of the most selective private day schools in the country, with only 320 students enrolled.

Finally, Greenhill School outside Dallas is a private mixed and non-denominational day school.

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