Discover the Best Boarding Schools in the US

Boarding school can be an excellent opportunity for students to get a taste of campus life, learn from a diverse group of classmates, and explore new passions. If you're looking for a starting point, keep reading to discover more about some of the best boarding schools in the United States. Phillips Academy Andover, located in Andover, Massachusetts, is one of the oldest boarding schools in the US. Founded in 1778, it has a long tradition of academic excellence and notable students such as George W.

Bush. With an average class size of just 13 students and more than 300 courses with more than 150 electives, each student has the opportunity to discover their own passions while receiving personalized guidance. When it comes to extracurricular activities, students can choose from more than 60 interschool teams, as well as several community engagement programs. The Governor's Academy is another top-notch boarding school in the US. Founded in 1763, it is the oldest boarding school in the country and accepts 23% of applicants.

It employs three counselors who focus exclusively on college admissions and has students from 19 countries around the world. Phillips Exeter Academy is another Massachusetts-based boarding school that stands out for its academic excellence. It offers more than 450 courses, including interdisciplinary and experiential options, all designed to help students develop powerful and creative ideas. A global program opens doors on five continents and encourages students to become curious explorers. Classes are discussion-based and limited to just 12 students to encourage everyone to participate and collaborate.Deerfield Academy is a highly selective boarding school with rigorous academic programs, athletic prowess, and a dynamic campus in Massachusetts.

The Deerfield counseling system ensures that each student receives personalized guidance that will allow them to make the most of their academic experience. Choate Rosemary Hall is an excellent option for students with specialized interests. The school has 8 unique programs in fields such as advanced robotics, government and public service, and environmental studies. Aspiring athletes can also choose from a variety of sports equipment, such as diving, ice hockey, basketball, squash, track and field, and lacrosse. The Asheville School is another great option for those looking for individual attention. With a student-to-teacher ratio of four to one, it offers more than 300 courses with more than 150 electives.

Students at the Master's School participate in the Ethical Leadership Project, which provides them with an opportunity to develop ethical leadership and decision-making skills. Exclusively for children, The Dana Hall School has an average class size of 10 people with students from 30 states and 14 different countries. It accepts 47% of applicants and 5.3% of graduates have gone to Ivy League schools in the past five years. Seven miles from Washington DC is St. Andrew's Episcopal School which has 24 AP courses, 28 sports teams, and admits 23% of applicants. Webb Schools offer two schools on one campus - Vivian Webb School for girls and California Webb School for boys - accepting 22% of applicants. Middlesex School has maintained its reputation as one of the best boarding schools in the country for more than a century.

Deerfield Academy - founded in 1797 - has an acceptance rate of 15% and offers college level courses in all subjects. Lake Forest Academy holds an annual symposium of school principals in which students and teachers participate in conversations, presentations and trips about diversity and global pluralism - a topic highly valued by the school. Lastly, Georgetown Preparatory School is the oldest Jesuit school in the country opened in 1789 and is the only Jesuit boarding school of the United States.

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