The 20 Richest Boarding Schools in the US

The number one school on our list is California's Woodside Priory School, the most expensive boarding school in the U. S. UU. Founded in 1957, the Priory is a mixed boarding and day school that teaches children from 6 to 12 grades.

Elite boarding schools are not only very selective, but they are also well-funded, and have even greater endowments than those of major universities. Above all else, The Loomis Chaffee School is committed to providing first-class education and training students to be better of themselves. To improve the academic experience, the school offers writing workshops, study abroad opportunities, guided research projects, and experiential learning programs, such as internships, volunteer work, and academic competitions. Technology is related to the curriculum at St.

Andrew's students also sign in to elite universities. New York University, Wesleyan University and Davidson College topped the list of the most popular options in the past four years. In the past four years, among the most popular universities attended by Mercersburg Academy graduates are elite schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Lehigh University and the United States Naval Academy. Throughout its history, the school has won seven Rhodes Scholars, three Medal of Honor winners and a Nobel prize.

The Middlesex campus was designed by renowned landscape architecture firm Olmsted Brothers and is located just 20 miles from Boston, among some of the country's most historic cities. The school balances personal exploration and academic demand. An introductory course to mindfulness is required that teaches students how to reduce stress and improve relationships for all new students. Among his most prominent alumni are former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld and Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram.

Milton Academy students reduce their schedules to a wide range of courses and choose from all types of courses, from Latin literature to computer programming and jazz improvisation. Outside the classroom, students can also participate in community service and outdoor programs, such as rock climbing, kayaking, and camping. In 1889, Woodberry Forest School was founded on the former farm owned by the family of President James Madison. The all-male campus, where 100% of the students are housed, is located in Central Virginia, just a few hours' drive from the country's capital.

Woodberry children are taught that honor and moral integrity are the highest virtues a man can possess. To that end, the honor system is the foundation of the Woodberry experience. At Groton, students must take at least five full-credit courses per semester, including expository writing, ethics, and foreign language classes. Beyond academics, Groton also prioritizes his sense of community, a value in which traditions such as morning talks in the chapel, daily visits, surprise vacations and the school birthday dinner stand out.

In fact, students at The Hotchkiss School come from more than 35 states and 34 countries, and they can return to the world to spend a semester abroad in France, Italy, China, Spain or in one of Hotchkiss's domestic destinations. During school holidays, students can also take part in shorter teacher-led tours to places such as Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, Kenya, and other places. At Paul's School, students interact with class material through practical tasks and collaborative projects, including experimentation in laboratories and exploration outside the classroom. Paul then moves on to top-tier universities with Georgetown Brown Columbia and Harvard as some of the most popular options in the past four years.

At Phillips Exeter Academy all classes are held in the form of a seminar with students gathered around of circular tables. The strategy known as the Harkness method originated in Exeter and is the school's signature and students love it. According to the school students come to class prepared and ready to discuss and interact with the material at a deeper level than could be achieved with traditional classes. Our fifth entry for the most expensive boarding schools in the world is Choate Rosemary Hall Also known as Choate it is a prestigious boarding school located in Wallingford Connecticut United States.

The process of selecting the most expensive boarding schools in the world is as demanding as the education they offer Founded in 1886 The Cambridge School of Weston in Weston Massachusetts is a progressive day school and boarding school where everyone has their first name including the school principal The school's website touts that it has won awards such as the best private school in Orange County in Parenting OC Readers' Choice Awards for four consecutive years However many have wondered if American boarding schools can compete with their European counterparts The school also has a strong focus on extracurricular activities with a wide range of programs available including sports music theater and clubs The world's most expensive boarding schools are looking for students who are not only academically capable but also curious compassionate and committed to personal and community growth From historic centers in Europe to the most cutting-edge campuses in North America the world's most expensive boarding schools offer an unparalleled combination of academic education personal growth and global perspective Boarding schools in Europe offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in culture and history of region which can be valuable educational experience Through combination of rigorous studies diverse extracurricular activities and supportive community students at world's most expensive boarding schools are encouraged to explore their passions challenge their limits and develop strong sense of self Founded in 1896 school offers traditional liberal arts education and is known for its strong academic programs and its emphasis on personal development Brooks School's core values include empathy commitment integrity passion trust creativity.

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