What is the Cost of Private School in California?

The amount of money allocated to each student from the public school budget depends on the type of school chosen by the parent. However, financial aid and living costs can have a major impact on the real cost of education in California. Textbooks, school supplies, transportation, entertainment, and personal care all add to the cost of college. In addition to mandatory fees, colleges and universities may also charge for student activities, on-campus parking, and access to school facilities.

While financial aid often covers tuition and fees, housing costs can add to the total cost of college in California. The choice of school allows public education funds to be used for any type of public, private, autonomous or even home education. According to recent figures, public schools in California cost nearly twice as much as the average private schools in California. Public universities can offer significant savings compared to private schools thanks to state funds that support academic programs.

The state has an extensive network of community colleges, state-backed universities, and prestigious private schools. In 42 states, the average cost of private schools is lower than the average annual expenditure per student in public schools. This high cost of living, driven by a competitive real estate market, adds to the total cost of university.

Jeannette Daehn
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